Welcome to my Volvomodelcars site. Perhaps you know my Facebookgroup and Instagram account: now it is time to inform Volvomodelcar collectors outside social media.

You can find new Volvomodelcars, announced Volvomodelcars, articles I wrote, shops where to buy your modelcars, a link to the HobbyDB Volvomodelcars database and much more! Even a shop with some doubles from my collection!

Nygård is the Swedish translation of Nijhuis, the name my brother used when he lived in Stockholm. I guess the Swedish variant is better to pronounce than Nijhuis....

When you have any remarks or questions, feel free to contact me by using the contact form or just mail me at volvomodelcars@gmail.com.

Have a pleasant stay and enjoy collecting Volvomodelcars!

Bert-Jan Nijhuis


Podcast recorded May 7 2024: https://www.klassiker.nu/podcast/131-volvosamlaren-med-2000-bilar-modellnamnsgeografi-led-lampor-i-klassikern?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR2Pagp9M_9zxlz6HEthjhyP1I6yaEHLFyoLj7EZFN0qhWytP3Ty_PTNwdY_aem_AdTVUAwSDpRfMfGfL3u4ecMBukaj_VY-ZeCrXvPf65yDCZDmBQWflWPRZGPlud0P_k1JTI6j92kR9xpQsjAwwnk0