Volvomodelcars Announced! What can we expect?


Bburago V90 (grey, white)

Bburago XC40 (white, grey)

Ixo 242 Custom (red)

Ixo 240 Turbo Custom (blue)

Ixo Amazon (lightblue)

Matrix (many surprises)

Maxichamps C70 (red, blue)

Norev XC90 2015 RHD (black)

Solido 850 Estate BTCC

VMC 240 Polar Artic (white, red)


Cult Models 850 GLT (red, white, grey, silver)

Cult Models V70 XC (brown, green, ...)

Cult Models 164E (red, gold, ,,,)

Cult Models (surprise)

DNA S70R 1997 (saffron, silver, red, black)

DNA 960 Estate 1996 (aubergine, blue, silver, olive green)

? DNA C30 T5 R-design 2010 

? DNA 360 GLT 1988 

? DNA 145 1967 

Ixo 240 Turbo (red, black)

Ixo 240 Turbo ATCC #10

MCW 142 (several)

Minichamps 144 1973 (blue, gold, orange)

Minichamps 145  1973 (green, blue, white)

Norev Amazon

Norev Amazon Estate


Hotweels XC40 (red Kroger Exclusive)

Maisto XC60 (grey)

Maisto XC40 (silver)

Maisto C40 (blue)

Maisto XC90 (black)

Maisto V90 (grey)

Maisto S90 (black)

Majorette EX90 (black)

Majorette V90 Police

Matchbox 240 (red)

PopRace (surprise) 

Tarmacworks 850 ASTC Tony Scott



Minichamps 240 (red green, white, blue)

Minichamps 240 Estate  (red, blue, green, gold)

Minichamps 850 sedan (black red green, silver)

Minichamps 850 Estate (red, white, grey, blue)

PCX87 V90 (black, grey, silver, beige)

SpoorObjecten Volvo with Lion (3D kit)

Other scales

Welly EX90 (white) several scales

Bigger scales








New in 2024: Volvomodelcar of the Year participants*!

1. Volvo 480 Turbo 1:87 Minichamps (4 colours)

2. Volvo 240 60 Years 1:60 Majorette (white)

3. Volvo 165 1:18 Radscale  (red, green)

4. Volvo 740 A Traktor Frykmodell 1:160/1:87 kit


*A Volvomodelcar of the Year is a new release in a year. You can vote for your favorite release here: